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There are a few things that may cause difficulty in making a sentence flow.  If you get stuck doing a sentence flow, check the following list to diagnose the problem and help you complete the sentence flow. 

Click on the following links for a definition and explication of each.

1. Relative Clauses
2. Infinitive Clauses
3. Multi-Word Verbs
4. If-Then Statements
5. Implied Verbs or Nouns
6. To-Be Verbs
7. Participles
8. No Direct Objects
9. Passive Verbs
10. Compound Sentences
11. Disclosure/Discourse with Certain Verbs
12. Double Direct Object
13. Appositives
14. Imperatives (Commands/Requests)
15. Comparatives with Implied Verbs
16. Direct Address
17. Adverbial Clauses
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Sentence Flow Stubling Blocks