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The Following is a review of some features of Grammar.
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John hit the ball to Jim. 
Then Jim threw John the ball. 
He did not catch it, but the ball went over his head and broke Mrs. Smith's stained glass window. 
The window was shattered into a thousand pieces. 
When she heard the glass break, Mrs. Smith came quickly to the window. 
She was so mad that she began to yell at the kids. 
Therefore, everyone playing baseball ran away.
This review will use the following story to illustrate grammatical concepts:
The better you understand grammar, the better you understand Scripture.
The bottom line:
This review assumes you are already somewhat familiar with Grammar, it just serves as a review.
This review aims to help you recognize some features of language. 
This in turn aims to help you to recognize the way language communicates. 
The ultimate aim is to better understand Scripture, which communicates using language- with all of its grammatical rules and features.
I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. -Eph. 4:1
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English Grammar Review