This is the resource site for the GEN142 Science & the Bible Class.  Because this course is being team taught, only the resources from Brad's portion will be posted on this website.  All the other resources will be posted on Populi. Please use the menu at the top of this column to access many important  course documents and resources. 

Some of the resources you will find include the following:
     The course syllabus- under 'documents/general documents'
     The course schedule and calendar- under 'documents/general documents'
     A reading guide for the course textbooks- under 'documents/assignment documents'
     All of the assignment sheets from class- under 'documents/assignment documents'
     All of the class handouts- under 'documents/class handouts'
     All of the in class presentations- under 'presentations'
     Various reviews, practice exercises, and review quizzes- under 'reviews'
     A variety of other things I hope help you succeed in this class
This site will be updated on a regular basis so keep checking back

If you have trouble opening any of the resources, I suggest you install the latest Adobe reader (available here.) and the latest Macromedia Flash player (available here.) as well as enabling Javascript in your browser. 

I pray that you will develop a deep understanding and life changing practice of God's Word,
I pray that you develop great skill in studying God's Word through this course,
I pray that you develop a great love of God's Word through this course,
I pray that you develop a deeper relationship with the Author of God's Word through this course.

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I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. -Eph. 4:1
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GEN142 Science & The Bible