This is the page for all my resources and documents for the book of First Timothy. The first section contains documents that survey the entire book. The next section is broken down by each passage. Click the label of any passage to expand for access to documents and information about each individual passage. Feel free to use and distribute any information you find helpful as long as you give credit where appropriate.
General Documents
Individual Passages
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1:1-2 Introduction
1:3-20 Against False Teachers
  • 1:3-7 Command Not to Teach False Doctrine
  • 1:8-11 The Law is For the Lawbreakers
  • 1:12-14 God Showed Paul Mercy and Grace
  • 1:15-17 Christ Came to be Glorified by Saving Sinners
  • 1:18-20 Persevere in the Good Fight
2:1-15 Worship & Ethics
  • 2:1-7 Pray for Those in Authority
  • 2:8-15 Men and Women Worship Appropriately
3:1-16 Leadership Qualifications
4:1-16 Personal Instructions
  • 4:1-5 False Teachers Forbid Good Things
  • 4:6-10 Train in Godliness
  • 4:11-16 Watch Your Life and Doctrine
5:1-6:2 Pastoral Care
6:3-10 Motivations/Greed
  • 6:3-10 Motivations - Greed
6:11-21 Timothy's Charge